Schooner EXACT Early Summer Party

Wednesday, June 4th 15:00 ~ Close

It’s almost Summer, the perfect season for tasty beer!

A fresh shipment from one of the biggest and most respected names in Washington Beer, Schooner EXACT, has arrived in Japan.

Schooner EXACT’s beers are polished and clean, with an elegance that draws you in and keeps you drinking pint after pint.

The Watering Hole is proud to introduce these special beers to you. On June 4th we will be opening 6 Kegs at once including some very limited items!

・West Point Pale Ale
・3 Grid IPA
・Profanity Hill Porter
・Gallant Maiden Hefeweizen
・Hopvine IPA
・Aged Imperial Stout – Only 3 Kegs imported in Japan!

Don’t miss this chance to try some amazing rare beers!

There will a chance to win presents from the brewery!

15:00 ~ Close


その名は「Schooner EXACT」!!



・ウェストポイント ペールエール
・スリーグリッド IPA
・プロファニティ ヒル ポーター
・ガラント メイデン ヘフェヴァイツェン
・ホップヴァイン IPA
・エイジド インペリアルスタウト<<日本に3樽限定!