Sailors Grave

Sailors Grave Brewing is at its heart a farmhouse brewery located on the banks of the Snowy River in a 100-year-old butter factory in the township of Orbost East Gippsland- almost 400 km from Melbourne.

Their beers are unique, compelling, and sometimes challenging- however they always possess nuance, subtlety, and complexity. They make artisanal beers that explore an ever-changing selection of styles utilizing a diverse array of farmed and foraged ingredients that showcase the local terroir and history of the pristine wilderness they call home.

We were first introduced to Sailors Grave from an old friend in the wine industry- Founders Gabrielle and Chris Moore visited Japan for the 2019 “Pinotpalooza” event in Tokyo, and Beer Cats helped the brewery get their beer through customs to serve at the event. Upon trying the beers we were immediately convinced that this brand was special. Later in the year, they came back to participate in the Mikkeller Beer Celebration Tokyo- and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Although Australia was not the obvious expansion choice for our company, Sailors Grave embodies the qualities of a compelling brand: uniqueness, independence, stellar quality, and community. Everyone that meets Gabrielle and Chris can testify- the people are as lovely as the beer.




ビールを試してみると、このブランドは特別だと直ぐに確信しました。その年の後半、彼らはMikkeller  Beer Celebration  Tokyoに参加する為に戻ってきました、そして私達への返事は圧倒的にポジティブなものでした。とはいえ、私達の会社にとってオーストラリアは明らかな選択の拡張とは言えませんでしたが、Sailors  Graveは、独自性、独立性、優れた品質、そしてコミュニティという魅力的なブランドの品質を体現しています。